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Moodle 2 Episode 3: The Conditionals

Moodle 2 - What's New For You?

Conditional Activities: we’ve been waiting for this for our courses at The New Curiosity Shop for a while. It just provides an extra element of control. Conditional Activities – The student view Conditional Activities are activities or resources that are only made available when certain pre-conditions have been met. For example, you might decide that…

Moodlerooms Integrates Google Features with Moodle

Moodlerooms, a Moodle Partner based in USA are to produce tools to integrate Google Docs into Moodle. Full information so far can be read in their press release at the bottom of this piece. This is good news. At The New Curiosity Shop we use Google docs extensively, and to be able to use Google Docs…

Making the Most of Moodle 2 – Onwards!

The second course in our Moodle training series is finally ready and waiting. This takes on from where MMM1 left of, and takes the teacher into new realms, showing how to prepare and upload resources such as Microsoft PowerPoint and Word into Moodle. As with MMM1 it’s fully hands on, with lots of video walkthroughs…

Moodle: a case study in sustainability

One of the questions often asked about choosing Moodle, an open-source VLE, as opposed to going for a commercial ‘closed-source’ VLE is: “but who maintains Moodle?” Here, Martin Dougiamas explains how Moodle works as a sustainable model.