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Leading the Way to Virtual Learning: The LAA Physics Laboratory

Easy Plugin for AdSense by Unreal “This is just like being back in lab!” said one recent student tester of the LAAPhysics online virtual laboratory. “If I had to choose between this and a lecture course? No contest?LAAPhysics!” said another, echoing the sentiments of the testing group. Full story…

Music class offers full credit for online work

Classical compositions are meeting modern technology at a new online course being offered by Mississippi State for the first time. The class on the history and appreciation of music, which is a collaboration between the university’s music education department and Division of Continuing Education, may be accessed directly by students at any time or location.…

More Time Please

More time, please! Noel Chidwick Editor, ScotFEICT 1st April 2003 You want to create online learning materials, but you don’t have enough time: there just aren’t enough hours in the working week. A group from the University of Hornindalsvatnet in Norway has found the answer.