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Projectors Get Interactive — THE Journal

Interactive whiteboards could be replaced by projectors that turn any wall into a canvas. “To put it simply, technology that once existed only inside interactive whiteboards now resides inside projectors. As BoxLight product manager Jeremy Peterson explained, with an interactive projector, “Any flat surface can become an interactive surface,” whether a wall, whiteboard or tabletop.”…

Getting started with serious games

This might be of interest to my passing visitors: In this free lunchtime webinar organised by ALT with the support of the eLearning Network, Steve Harris and Scott Hewitt will take you through some key game mechanics and suggest how these can be used to meet the aims of serious games. This will include mechanics from…

Engaging Students with Twitter — THE Journal

Yesterday I found out that Twitter has been blocked in Edinburgh schools. Here’s yet another article on how Twitter can be used constructively in education. How are children supposed to learn about managing these social networking tools if they are blacklisted? Engaging Students with Twitter — THE Journal.