Technology in Education. This fascinates me in two ways:

1) The technology itself – ain’t it amazing, the potential appears overwhelming.
but mostly:
2) what are people doing with the technology? what are teachers doing with it, what are learners doing with it? Is it working?
In education we have moved on from the days of Aristotle; we have passed through the era of slates, and the  less said about the tyranny of rows of desks in a classroom the better. Now we’re back at the stage of education when can happen in all sorts of wonderful ways, and the best ones are when we don’t know it.

So why revive Scotfeict?

cos I’ve always wanted to restore it, a bit like an old steam engine. There’s still power here. Why I stopped:
1. funding.
2. NCS taking up the focus of my time
3. The proliferation of so many blogs on the theme of elearning  sprouting like triffids on a blind farmer’s field. Scotfeict was there before all that, but was swamped by them all.

Why did I keep it alive:

1. I hate throwing anything out
2. Hey, a lot of work went into it
3. I wanted to be able to revive it, but not sure in what guise, and when I would have the chance
4. I still referred to it for ideas, and as an occasional place to put things

Why do I want to revive it now.

1. Cos I can
2. Clearer idea of what I want it to be now, see where it will valuable
3. It helps me to keep up-to-date with what’s happening
4. back to my fascination, and maybe help me answer the question, why is technology not so widely used as I’d expected by now (or is it?)

How am I doing it

1. On my terms, with no funding  (though I am happy to accept anything to help improve it and to spend time on in).
2. With volunteer help, if help is offered.
3. With the right tools to make it easier to maintain. Bless you, WordPress.

What is the problem to which this is the solution?

1. Keeping me up to speed with developments – this is my way
2. Still don’t see much organised info around the web about what people are doing, really. plenty of pontification, but not a great deal of teacher X doing Y with students Z (or Student Z doing Y with teacher X, for that matter)

How’s it going to work – possibly

1. I’ll report, and sometimes comment on, ideas, news, developments catching my attention, anywhere in the world – just as I’ve been doing. I’ll focus on Scotland cos that’s where I live and what I know. However, I’ll keep an eye out world wide.
2. Pieces. Articles. Examples. Reviews. Stories. Thoughts. I want folk to come forward to tell me how they use tech in learning. How they tell their stories is up to them. Words are nice – I like words, but they can be written, spoken or videod or presented (however, if anyone sends me bullet points in a powerpoint presentation I shall consign them to the bin). Opinions are good too, but they had better be good opinions, based on facts.  I’m looking for pioneers, settlers and philosophers
3. Edited. I shall edit and decide what is published. If I decline your piece I will tell you why and what can be done to improve it.
4. Comments and discussion. These will be welcomed as you might expect in this day and age, but they will be moderated for furthering the debate.
5. In my spare (!) time. This means it will be sporadic, but as I say, I welcome volunteers to come forward and help build Scotfeict.
6. Organically. This is the beauty of the www. I do’t need to launch it as a polished, finished place. Quite the opposite. And if I do get some funding to support it, and me (ideally I would like to pay contributors), then it will grow, nay blossom.
So, contact me if you want help, comment, subscribe, suggest, contribute or just say hello – use the box below.
-Noel Chidwick

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