Noteflight – Online Music Notation Software

I’ve been using this music notation software for my own purposes, off and on, recently, but it was after talking to my son that I realised I should tell more folk about it – especially if you are doing music at school. At my son’s school they use Sibelius for music. That’s fine, except that it costs a lot of money. This means that schools can’t afford to keep up to date with it, and parents can’t afford it either. Enter Noteflight.

It’s a lot cheaper than Sibelius, my son actually finds it easier to use than Sibelius, and it is totally web-based. This means that my son can work on a project at home, save it, and then carry on from where he left off on a computer at school. On any machine at school. That flexibility is so useful. And he can save files that Sibelius can read, if required. And being web-based, it’s cross platform, so even Windows users can use it.

I also notice that there are a number of educational tools in Noteflight. Scores can be shared, and comments made. Darn useful. Any school using  Sibelius should look seriously at this software.

Noteflight – Online Music Notation Software.

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