A mini-course on infotention by Howard Rheingold

A mini course on infotention

I like this piece on for three reasons.

1) The subject. Information overload and how to manage it. Rheingold talks through his approach to the sifting and sorting the information avalanche, and, ih his phrase: “the literacy of crap detection.”

2) Method of delivery. It’s a little piece of learning resource created using free resources such as Youtube and  delicious, and embedded in a powerful – and free – blogging tool called Posterous.

3) The structure and delivery. Simple video head and shoulders (with a variety of hats, I notice!), clearly presented and scripted, plus support resources and links. And comments and questions can be added freely. And for Moodle users, this model is so easy to re-create using the Book module.

Like a lot of good things, it looks simple and is elegant. I don’t know how long it took to develop it, but I’m sure, once you got into the habit, it would take no longer to create than any other piece of learning materials.

This is well work a visit.

and take time to follow explore Rheingold’s sites and resources. He’s a great example of someone who explains his thoughts and philosophy by showing and doing, and not simply telling. Best of all? No PowerPoint in sight!

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