Moodle 3D

3D graphics are all the rage – as we have seen in the last few days with the release of the Nintendo 3DS.
But as you would expect, Moodle HQ have been on the job for a while now, and hot on the release of Moode 2  is Moodle 3D. At last you can make use of both your eyes while rummaging around your favourite VLE.
In Moodle 3D a course home page scrolls not only down the way, but back the way too, into the screen. Click on a resource and instantly it opens out all around you, with activities and assignments flying all around you, The sidebars – cunningly hidden in Moodle 2 – now wrap around your peripheral vision to the left and right, keeping your student focused on the things that really matter.
To navigate, just hold down the ‘A’ key to fly in , and the ‘Z’ key to fly out, or use the scroll button on your mouse.
I’ve posted a screen dump, but you will have to take my word for it:

Moodle 3D - click to enlarge

How does it work? Moodle 3D sends out two screens alternately at 60 times a second (if your screen refreshes at 60Hz), targetting certain pixels on your screen on to each eye. And you don’t need a special screen or glasses – an ordinary LCD monitor works well.
Moodle 3D is available for download now, but here’s the scoop: the functionality has been in Moodle since version 1.9.7 for testing purposes.
To see your Moodle in all its full glory, hold down the ‘A’ and ‘F’ keys and click on the course home page title in the breadcrumbs.
See you on the other side…

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